Past Hunger Games - 42nd Hunger Games - wrecking yard

arena suggestion by pilcherthegreat

The 42nd annual Hunger Games took place in an enormous wrecking yard, filled with broken down, rusted cars and trucks, as well as heavy crushing machinery. Many tributes from Districts 3, 5, and 6 made it very far into the games, because they were able to wire the machinery and use it as weaponry. The victor, Henry Watts of District 5, spent most of his time running and hiding from the other tributes. Although he didn’t get anything from the Cornucopia, Henry found a heavy wrench in the wreckage, and used it as a weapon. Henry only killed one other tribute - the girl from his own district. The two tributes from District 5 were the final competitors, however the girl was much more vicious than Henry, finding and attacking him. Henry managed to knock her out using the wrench, but couldn’t bring himself to actually kill her. Instead Henry dumped her into the trunk of a car and walked away, leaving her alone to bleed out, or possibly suffocate. Henry hated himself for what he’d done, which was probably much more cruel and painful than just finishing the girl off right away. After winning the games, Henry became addicted to drugs and alcohol, and tried various times to commit suicide. The Capitol kept an eye on Henry for a long time, making sure that he was never able to actually kill himself. Henry was reaped into the 3rd Quarter Quell and was meant to be a part of Katniss’ alliance, but never planned to stay faithful to them, hoping that they would finish him off. Henry couldn’t have been more relieved than when Finnick speared his heart.

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