Past Hunger Games - 7th Hunger Games, Badlands

The 7th Annual Hunger Games was a well remembered, precedent setting spectacle for Panem. The victor, Alexandrite Bordeaux, or “Alex”, came from District 1. Alex formed a bond with the tributes of Districts 2 and 4, and the female tribute from his owe district prior to the games, presumably during the training. When the games began Alex and his alliance massacred the other tributes when the gong went off, leading the current Games announcer, Clarence Templesmith, to coin the term ‘bloodbath’. Under Alex’s leadership, the alliance holed up at the Cornucopia, hording all of the supplies and weapons, and making day trips of three people at a time to go out and hunt for the other tributes. Despite the large selections of special weapons during these games, Alex chose to fight with a staff, sweeping out the legs of any tributes attempting to run away across the uneven, rocky landscape, and bashing their heads in. The other tributes in his alliance seemed more terrified him than friendly with him, and it was no surprise when Alex turned on his alliance when only three of them remained, killing his two companions before going out to hunt for the last pair of tributes. During his final interview, Alex said that he had been “preparing for a long time” and keeping himself ready if he was ever reaped into the games. Alexandrite said he had “taken it seriously…like it was a job”. Although training for the games is illegal, the Capitol played it off as if Alex had just been training to keep himself healthy, which ended up helping him in the games. Despite the Capitol’s statements on the matter, it was clear to the other districts what was really going on, and lead to the coining of the phrase ‘career tribute’. In the years to come it became evident that more and more tributes of the richer districts had been training for the games ahead of time, and it became a norm for the tributes of Districts 1, 2, and 4 to form an alliance, and usually win the games.

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Past Hunger Games - 59th Hunger Games, Rainforest

The 59th Annual Hunger Games took place in a large rainforest, filled with dangerous mutts and poisonous environmental features. The Cornucopia was placed on an island in a large river that spanned the entire river. To get away from the Bloodbath, tributes had to swim through piranha and snake infested waters. Because of the dangers of getting off of the island, no tributes returned to the Cornucopia after the Bloodbath, not even the Careers. Olivia Shepherd, the victor from District 10, won a machete from the Bloodbath, and cleverly cut the leg of another tribute trying to swim from the island, drawing all of the mutts to her opponent and allowing her to make it away. After the Bloodbath, Olivia spent most of her time avoiding the other tributes and mutts by perching in the trees and watching the action below. At one point, one of the other tributes attempted to climb up the tree that she was in, however the boy was much heavier than her and Olivia was able to weaken the branch that he hung by with her machete, causing him to fall to his death. As the finale of the games, the gamemakers sent packs jaguar muttations to attack the remaining tributes. Olivia only won because she was able to outrun her opponents and leave them to be killed by the mutts. Sixteen years later, at the age of thirty-one, Olivia was reaped into the 3rd Quarter Quell. Although she was one of the younger tributes to participate in these games, Olivia died in the Bloodbath while suffering a bout of paralyzing PTSD brought on by being surrounded by water.

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Past Hunger Games - 56th Hunger Games, Plains

The arena of the 56th Annual Hunger Games was seemingly endless plains, with small groves of trees and ponds spread throughout the mostly flat arena. The arena was ringed with mountains that were always far off, and never seemed to get any closer, not matter how hard a tribute would run. The Cornucopia was situated in a copse of trees in the dead center of the arena. The victor, Riley Cane of District 9, entered the bloodbath very briefly, managing to grab a sickle, the only weapon she had any chance of being able to use, and some flint, before fleeing the arena with only minor injuries, and no kills. Riley spent most of her time laying low in the tall grass, well aware that wandering would get her killed quickly. Riley was skilled at tracking, and was able to find her opponents with ease. Using bird calls she had learned while working in the wheat fields of District 9, Riley distracted her prey before surprising them with a vicious attack, using her sickle to cause as many wounds as possible. Riley killed three other tributes before making her way back to the Cornucopia near the end of the games. The two remaining Careers were still hiding out near the Cornucopia in the copse of trees, and Riley used her flint to set fire to the trees, killing both of the Careers. When the other final tribute came to see what was happening, Riley circled around his back and took him by surprise, killing him as well. Riley came out of the games with a few minor burns, and various scars on her hands and arms, which she refused to get cosmetically erased, insisting that they were a part of her now. 19 years later, at the age of 36, Riley was reaped into the 3rd Quarter Quell. Riley was killed during the Bloodbath, and never lived to see her son fight in the Rebellion.

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Past Hunger Games - 48th Hunger Games - Dead Forest

The 48th Hunger Games was one of the strangest games is Panem history. When the tributes arrived in the arena, it appeared to be a lush, vibrant forest. However, the gamemakers set a fire the moment the gong sounded, leaving tributes to either risk heading towards the fire and Cornucopia, or run from the flames. All but one of the careers chose to enter the bloodbath, along with seven other tributes. All of the tributes who decided against running died, either at the hands of one another, or in the raging fire. Lyme, the female tribute of District 2, and only career tribute who made the smart choice of running, was left alone in the woods with no food, weapons, or allies. Lyme soon ran into a pair of other tributes also trying to outrun the flames, and convinced them to form an alliance with her after she helped them escape the fire by directing them to a stream where she had been taking shelter. The forest fire destroyed nearly every living thing in the arena, along with all of the weapons stashed in the Cornucopia. Lyme, who had prior training with throwing knives, used her exceptional aim to instead throw jagged rocks at the other tributes’ heads and necks, rendering them immobile before approaching them and smashing their skulls. Lyme turned on her alliance when there were a total of six tributes left. She then went on and killed two of the other three remaining tributes, leaving her the victor. Later on, Lyme one of the first people of District 2 to join the Rebellion.

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Past Hunger Games - 4th Hunger Games - darkness

The 4th Annual Hunger Games introduced the Capitol and Panem citizens to a whole new type of arena - one whose main feature wasn’t the landscape itself, but rather the conditions. The arena was in complete darkness for nearly the entire games, making for an extremely suspenseful show. Many tributes fell prey to the traps set by the gamemakers, which they were unable to detect in the darkness. Rowan Oliver, the tribute of District 12, had a year’s experience working in the mines at his home, and was clearly much more comfortable in the dark than any of the other tributes. Rowan was able to track and kill his opponents with a dagger he’d found at the site of a tribute’s murder. Rowan had very little combat skill, but was able to kill his opponents because they panicked when he came out of nowhere, wielding a dagger in their faces, and were unable to fight as well as they should have due to their racing hearts. At the end of the games the gamemakers suddenly brought the lights up in the arena, temporarily blinding both Rowan and his final opponent. Rowan was only able to take out his enemy because of the his excellent ability to maneuver with limited sight. Rowan was the first tribute from District 12 to win, and the last one until Haymitch Abernathy won the 2nd Quarter Quell. Rowan didn’t make it to these games, however, because after watching 90 children he had mentored die, Rowan drank himself to death, leaving Haymitch and the other three District 12 tributes with a Capitol appointed mentor during their games, rather than a man they knew. There was much speculation in the Capitol as to whether or not Haymitch would’ve won the Quarter Quell if Rowan had been his mentor instead.

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Past Hunger Games - 16th Hunger Games - mesa

The arena of the 16th Annual Hunger Games was on the top of a large mesa, around the base of which was the arena forcefield, which prevented any tributes from climbing off of the landmass. By this time in Panem history, it had become usual for a tribute from a ‘career’ district to win, so it was quite a surprise when only two of these tributes made it out of the bloodbath alive. The lack of a career pack threw the games into chaos - no alliances forming because there was no larger pack to take out. Woof only managed to get a blanket from the cornucopia, and then was able to out maneuver a tribute who was chasing him, leading her right to the side of the mesa and sending her over the edge before she realized where she’d gotten to. Woof saw her body hit the force field, and took note of where it existed. He climbed down the side of the mesa a ways and found a ledge on which there was a small spring and ample space for a single person. Woof waited there as the other tributes slaughtered one another, or died from the severe cold during the nights, keeping warm with his blanket and eating the snakes that wandered into his niche by using snares he fashioned from his shoelaces to catch them. When the only tributes left were Woof and the boy tribute of District 10, Woof waited until nighttime and climbed up to the edge of the mesa, yanking his sleeping opponent over the edge and sending him to his death. 59 years later, at the age of 76, Woof participated and died in the 3rd Quarter Quell, during which he was meant to be in the rebel alliance, however he never made it out of the bloodbath.

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Past Hunger Games - 66th Hunger Games - high desert

The 66th Annual Hunger Games was voted the most boring games to watch by the Capitol citizens. The arena, a high desert filled with low brush, cacti, rocks, and sand, was extremely hot during the day and icy cold at night, leaving a staggering 12 tributes to die due to the climate. The one highlight of the games happened within the first 60 seconds, during which the 14 year old female tribute of District 6 dropped her personal item onto her platform, causing an explosion that killed her and left the tributes to either side of her with severe burns. The victor, Gleam Cooper of District 1, lead the careers, earning himself 7 kills using traps made of nets (made by the District 4 boy) and spare weapons as bait. Gleam seemed to think of killing as a sport, teasing his victims before killing them. After Gleam snapped the neck of the District 2 girl for going in for their first kill, none of the other career tributes made an attempt to kill the trapped tributes. The games were not only one of the most uneventful, but also one of the shortest games in Panem history, lasting only nine days. All of the tributes during these games died one of three ways: killed from the severe climate, murdered at the hands of Gleam Cooper, or falling during the bloodbath.

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Past Hunger Games - 44th Hunger Games - beach

The 44th Annual Hunger Games took place on a large stretch of beach, including a few miles of dunes and the open ocean. The Cornucopia was placed deep in the dunes, out of sight of the water, leaving many tributes who couldn’t guess unaware that they were on a beach. The victor, Cassidy Todd of District 3, had been training for the games since she was nine, an oddity for someone in her district. Her father’s younger brother had been killed in the first Quarter Quell, and her father had insisted on teaching his children to defend themselves, despite Cassidy’s deep dislike for her training sessions. Cassidy was extremely skilled with hand-to-hand combat, as well as being very clever and a fast runner, inclining the career tributes to allow her into their alliance during the games. Cassidy killed one other tribute during the bloodbath, and stayed with the careers for the remainder of the game, making no kills. When there were three careers left (Cassidy, the boy from District 1, and the girl from District 4) and two other tributes, the careers were taken by surprise when two cannons sounded immediately after one another, as the other two tributes had managed to kill one another in a brutal fight. Cassidy was the first to react, disarming the girl and slitting the boy’s throat with her dagger before either of them had time to take action. The girl took off, now weaponless and running for her life. The girl was well aware that it would be impossible to beat Cassidy without a weapon, and that she would never be able to outrun her. The girl knew that her only hope of winning was to dive into the sea and hope her opponent couldn’t swim. Cassidy watched from the beach as the ocean dwelling mutts tore her final opponent to shreds.

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Past Hunger Games - 25th Hunger Games - waterfalls

The 25th annual Hunger Games, and the first Quarter Quell, took place in an arena almost entirely covered in water - with small islands, boulders, and stretches of jungle. The water all flowed over a massive semi circle of waterfalls that split the arena in two. Being the Quarter Quell, the tributes were voted into the games by their districts, rather than the traditional reaping method. Caster Minnow, the victor from District 4, had been training for the games since childhood, and campaigned in her district to be voted into the games. Caster received a 10 as her training score, the highest that year, due to her impressive skills with a spear, which she had learned from fishing and training in District 4. Once in the games, Caster lead the career pack for much of the time, until the others attempted to get her out by forcing her over the waterfall. The careers assumed she was dead when they heard a cannon signaling the death of a tribute. It wasn’t until that night, when her face didn’t show up in the sky, that the careers learned that Caster had in fact survived the fall. Caster, being a strong swimmer, managed to get out of the water and climb back up to the careers’ camp where, over the next few days, stalked and killed them using a reel of fishing line to choke them. Caster died the year before the 3rd Quarter Quell, shortly after watching her 13 year old grandson, and only living relative, get murdered during the 74th annual Hunger Games. It is uncertain whether or not she died of natural causes.

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Past Hunger Games - 9th Hunger Games - Mountaintops

The 9th annual Hunger Games took place in the frozen mountaintops of what was assumed to be the famed Himalayan Mountains. The outfit given to these tributes were very skimpy, consisting of only a t-shirt, a light sweater, pants, and boots. The Cornucopia, however, was filled with thick jackets, goggles, gloves, and hats. During the first few hours of the games 8 tributes died in the bloodbath and 6 died due to exposure to the cold. Titus, who had managed to get a hold of some warm clothes, along with a set of ice axes, joined into the bloodbath; killing two tributes before taking off with his goods. Food was scarce during these games, being nearly impossible to get other than though sponsors. Titus, desperate for food, began eating the tributes that he killed. Eventually, the Gamemakers had to start stunning Titus to keep him from eating the bodies, seeing as cannibalism didn’t go over too well with the Capitol citizens. Titus personally took out five of the six careers, although he is credited with all six kills. The final career’s death was never confirmed before an avalanche buried both Titus and his dying opponent, leaving the games without a victor. The death of Titus and lack of a victor this year lead to the understanding that, although the games technically have no rules, cannibalism will not be tolerated.

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Past Hunger Games - 71st Hunger Games - Oeschinen Lake

The 71st annual Hunger Games took place at one of the most scenic lakes left in the world. The lake, surrounded by rocky cliffs, was the only source of food, other than a few rare plants that grew in the surrounding area. While fish were plentiful, so were the water dwelling mutts, which claimed the life of many of the tributes. Mason Flint, the victor from District 2, lead the careers pack for the first half of the games, until an unexpected underdog alliance took out all but him and one of the other careers. Mason killed the other career in his sleep the first night they were alone, and set off on his own. From past training, Mason knew how to rock climb, and would free climb the cliffs surrounding the lake, and then drop into the campsites of sleeping tributes, killing them before they knew what was happening. Mason was a longtime friend of Cato, a tribute in the 74th Hunger Games. After years of training together, the two had formed a brotherly bond. Mason helped to mentor Cato and Clove during the 74th Hunger Games, along with Enobaria. Mason never hated himself more than when he watched the mutts tear his best friend apart, because he knew that it had been him that had persuaded Cato to volunteer for the Games that year.

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