Past Hunger Games - 46th Hunger Games - rolling hills

The 46th annual Hunger Games took place on a massive stretch of land covered in rolling hills. There were very few trees, and therefore very few places to hide. The cornucopia was placed inside of an old barn, which the gamemakers burned down on the second evening. Tanner Drake, the victor of District 10 and a butcher’s son, managed to get a cleaver from the cornucopia before sprinting away from the bloodbath. Tanner ran as far as he could before setting up a small camp, and waiting for the other tributes to make their way out to him. Tanner outlasted most of the careers, killing only the final one himself, along with two other tributes who made the mistake of attacking him early on. 26 years later Tanner’s son was reaped into the 72nd Hunger Games, during which Tanner had to be his mentor, and eventually watch him be bludgeoned to death with the only weapon available that year - maces. After the 72nd games Tanner’s wife killed herself, leaving Tanner alone to take care of their 15 year old daughter. When Tanner was reaped into the 3rd Quarter Quell he refused to show up for training, and said very little in his interview other than ‘He would’ve been 19 this year. He would’ve been safe’ and ‘Who’s going to take care of my little girl now?’. Despite his best efforts, Tanner was killed by ‘the Beast’ during the 75th Hunger Games.

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